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Alpha CBD – Water Soluble Liposomal CBD-30ml

Alpha CBD – Water Soluble Liposomal CBD-30ml


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Water Soluble Liposomal Drop and Drink (Up to 10x more effective than conventional CBD Oil)

Us humans consist of around 70% water. Studies have shown that your body absorbed water an average of 10 times better than MCT oil. Now, because Alpha CBD’s Drop and Drink is manufactured with structured water, not only does it absorb around 10 times better than your average oil but also 3 times quicker.

The purest extract available, this water soluble has a distinct taste and we recommend adding it to your daily coffee, tea, water, juice, smoothie, shake and even your wine. This tincture is the perfect addition to your daily routine, drop the suggested amount into almost any drink to ensure maximum absorption.

Alpha CBD has a perfect concentration of 99% pure Hemp CBD in each 30mL bottle. Focusing on results, we have tried and tested different absorption methods when it comes to CBD and we are confident in presenting this solution to you. Now go Drop and Drink you Alpha

  • 600mg Liposomal Water Soluble formulated in Alkaline Water (Ph10)
  • 30ml (1ml and 20mg of 99% Pure Hemp CBD per dropper)
  • Absorbs around 10 times better and 3 times quicker than your average oil
  • Specially formulated for Alpha CBD by industry leaders
  • Relieves symptoms of a number of neurological ailments: Including Anxiousness, sleeplessness, mood imbalance, pain and inflammation to name a few.
  • Promotes all-round wellness
  • Relieves minor symptoms
  • General health booster

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