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Everlast Strength Set

Everlast Strength Set


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Everlast Strength Set is a versatile accessory set allowing you to work the arms, shoulders, back and core muscles. The set includes Push Up Bars, Double Ab Wheel, Ab Mat and NBR Mat, offering an all in one a solution for strengthening and conditioning. Designed with comfortable hand grips, the Double Ab Wheel provides comfort and stability while working and toning abs. The NBR mat can be used under the knees while using the Double Ab Wheel to provide support and cushioning. Made from textured non-slip foam, the NBR Mat helps to prevent slipping while performing exercises, offering comfort with its padded cushioning. The Ab Mat is contoured for comfort and to help prevent slipping. This mat helps to remove strain on the back while preforming ab exercises. This set is ideal for strengthening and conditioning.

Pair of Push Up Bars
Double AB Wheel
AB/Knee Mat
Knee NBR Mat

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