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TNT Supa Mass Bag 4.2kg-White Chocolate


TNT Supa Mass Bag 4.2kg-White Chocolate


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TNT Supa Mass is a mega-calorie mass gainer to increase weight and muscle.

To support their fitness goals lifter and athletes eat more food than the average person.

A mass gainer helps to supplement their food intake with a delicious tasting and convenient nutrition shake.

Each serving will give you a massive 1151 calories which is similar to a 200 gram fillet steak with chips and onion rings.

Protein increases muscle which is the reason athletes pay close attention to the amounts they eat.

You get 50 grams of high quality protein from four different sources with each shake.

A blend of 4 creatines has been added to increase workout strength. Creatine has been well researched and shown to increase power output in athletes.

A meal replacement shake would not be complete without added vitamins and minerals to prevent any nutritional deficiencies that hard-training lifters may have.


TNT Supa Mass gives athletes one of the highest amounts of calories per serving .



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